How To Outline An Idea For A Book

So want to be an author huh? Do you have what it takes? The brutal and grueling moments of spilling out the words on the computer? the long nights and early mornings! The marketing, The formatting, the whole package?

If you already decided you want to take on this task, I will help you! I’ve done it many times. Writing is the funniest part! But it can also be a painful headache if you don’t start with a **outline** Of what you want your book to convey!

Ready to get started!?

Decide on a topic

This is probably one of the hardest parts because you also have to decide if it’s nonfiction or fiction.You probably have that idea in your head already, Now you should look on Amazon and see how well some of the books are doing! Is it a profitable topic?

Make a list

Write a long ass list of what you want to be included in your book, EVERYTHING! Then thing about


Now, Make a Table of Contents for your content, And keep both lists handy for when you write out that first draft.

Organizing is important! It could mean the difference between your reader loving or hating your book!

So make sure your subcategories work well in your main chapters, (if your writing nonfiction.)

The dreadful First draft

Many people are afraid of this part; Their perfectionism takes effect
Type type type writes write
Does it look like shit? NO one cares. Just get the first draft out as quickly as possible. Puke your heart all over the computer, Once you have your first draft, you can go into crazy perfectionism mode and make your book look great.

It’s really easy to make an outline. Just write it out as quickly as possible. You can edit later and make your book great, You have a lot of great ideas in your head, So get them out.

*Thank you Pixabay and AdinaVoicu for the photos!*