Can Freshly Help You Lose Weight?

I recently tried Freshly, The new food delivery service, And I’m really happy with the results! Lately, I’ve been counting calories to lose weight.

When you want to lose weight, It’s important to incorporate healthy habits that you can stick with, That aren’t too hard to stay with in the long term. If you love pizza, Taking pizza away from yourself forever. Won’t work very well. You may go a couple of weeks without eating any pizza. But in the end, Your desire for pizza will grow so much you won’t be able to deny it.


The Shrimp Risotto

Not going out to eat can be hard for a lot of people. It’s hard for me! We get tired from a long day at work Or just crave the food. We don’t’ have to go through the trouble to make it, We just get delivery or go through the drive through. Having no willpower at the end of the day, You are more likely to give in to your cravings.

The Pecan Chicken Dish YUM!

Freshly has fixed that problem.
I’m hungry and tired, But I need something healthy. I want to LOSE WEIGHT! I want food now! Freshly delivers it straight to your door, You can have it microwaved in 2 minutes. Or heat it up in the oven or on the stovetop!
It’s delicious, Healthy and relatively low calorie. You get your protein and veggies nicely packed into one meal. It doesn’t taste bland and gross like a Tv dinner, Where the Turkey is more like a piece of cardboard, Bland, Hard.
Instead, the meats are soft, juicy and flavorful. You can tell each meal was made to perfection!

Lack Of Cravings
I used to spend all day snacking because it was easy! But with Freshly’s meals I don’t snack anymore. Each serving keeps me nice and full! I have the energy to work out! And I feel productive!

Don’t Worry About Portion Sizes
With Freshly, I don’t have to worry about weighing my food, Or putting them in portion sizes, Because they are already set up for me. Plus there is a sticker on the back Giving me the full nutrition facts, So I can keep track of the types of food I’m eating.
Losing Weight
Overall Freshly is a great weight loss plan for anyone. It’s Gluten free; It’s Healthy, Tasty and heck TONS of variety! You will love it!
If You use my link, you can get 4 Meals free to try the service, Plus if you don’t like it. You can easily cancel online really quickly.


Lemon Chicken Dish

Why You Should NEVER Multi-task

Ever wondered why so many people continue to insist on doing several things simultaneously as a goal to increase productivity?
Multitasking leads to
– More stress,
– Less productivity

It will overall have a negative effect on your mood and motivation. Still, believe in the power of multitasking?

The brain hates multitasking!

Many individuals pride themselves on their ability to juggle several tasks at the same time. Your mind cannot focus on more than one thing at a time anyway! Retaining new information is almost impossible for the brain to achieve when it is distracted and focusing on several things simultaneously.

More tasks lead to more mistakes:

Lack of focus when multitasking may result in errors. Your mind is divided between several things when multitasking, and this increases the risk of mistakes occurring. It’s hard to be accurate when you are doing so many things at once If you focus on one thing at a time you are less likely to make as many mistakes!

It impacts short-term memory:

Multi-tasking can start affecting your short term memory almost immediately.
But in the long run, It will prohibit you from being able to continue multitasking. It will get harder and harder for you to learn from what you are doing and harder for you to do things well.

It leads to anxiety:

One of the major downsides of multitasking is that it causes anxiety.
Many studies have been done that proves that many people have a higher heart rate than those who don’t when they focus on one thing at a time!
It’s important to keep your stress down while you work If you start multitasking because you are stressed out, Make a to-do list and take a break, Then come back to your desired task.
When I get stressed working on the computer, I’ll take a break from cleaning, Not only do I get more done in my day but it helps me de-stress for a while.

It inhibits creativity:

It’s hard for you to come up with new and original ideas when you are stressed out, it’s better for you just to focus on one thing a time so you can ensure that you are fully thinking things through and doing things as they need to be done!


Cut back on multitasking already and see the magic that starts to happen. Things will dramatically change in your life without you trying to do twenty things at once; It’s easy to be stressed out all the time. But If you focus on one thing at time you’ll get more done by the end of the day to be proud of.

Crayola Glitter Markers

Crayola Glitter Markers

The coloring book I showed in the video is….

These cheap but awesome markers are perfect for you coloring book collection!!

There are 6 different colors, and they are priced well.

They sparkle extremely well. And have nice flowing ink (mostly) without too much bleed to your coloring book

Pros: the colors are bright and fun!

They are smooth when they work.

You can press down to make them work better,
They sparkle a lot.


Sometimes the glitter gets stuck and it can be hard to keep using them.

There isn’t a whole lot of ink, You will probably use them quickly, but for the price they are a really good deal!

No orange color L

Be careful, you’ll get glitter on your hands!

They have a fat tip, Which can be good or a bad thing, Not great for areas that are too small, But good for larger area coloring.

See my video to see me color with them



Cuya Story Colored pencils

Bayam 36 Colored pencil pack

I really liked these pencils! There is a large variety. The pencils look cheap and dinky, But are surprisingly good quality. The leads blend smooth easily. In the video I actually discover that these blend smoother than Prismacolors with less effort!
Some people complained there was a smell, But I didn’t smell anything. I like the container the pencils come in, It’s a tough cardboard container. Which can easily be packed in luggage or be thrown into the car without any issues! It’s perfect for traveling. I hate when you spill your pencils everywhere and have to pick them up, So this is a great way to stay organized. The pencils come with darker and lighter shades. Some natural some fake colors. So a great variety to achieve different results with your coloring. I highly recommend these with adult coloring books! They work very nicely. I can’t wait to use these up!

Disclaimer: I received these at a discount for a honest review. This did not impact my review, and as you can see in the video I test the pencils and show you first hand what they are like.25553633774_f9cc7a86ac_o 26092348411_d8ab673a58_o 26158413715_1297da834e_o 26158413725_44bf53a866_o

Animal Forest Coloring Book

Animal Forest
Animal forest coloring book, Is the first coloring book I’ve ever published! It’s filled with beautiful hand drawn animals. I had so much fun making this book. I’ve always loved animals and was amazed by how many animal coloring books lack a variety. My first coloring page drawn was the Duck. I wasn’t going to publish it after 45 pages, But instead wait until I had at least 100.


But all of my friends and family were pushing me to publish it because they were excited to see it. So Animal Forest has 45 coloring pages. After reading many reviews from Colorists out there. I made the difficult decision of making it a one sided coloring book, Originally I wanted to make it a double sided book because It gives it a more artistic look. I wanted to make people happy so It ended up being just a single sided book. I’m happy about that decision now, Because It gave people the opportunity to tear their colored pages out and hang them up! A video of me going through the pages 🙂

How A Poor College Student Learned How To Invest

As I continued my education, it was common knowledge that people who invested their money were overall more wealthy. Just saving your money in your bank account wasn’t enough. But how can you afford to do more when it’s all you have?

The average U.S. household with debt carries $15,355 in credit card debt and $129,579 in total debt.
(Source: NerdWallet)

I started educating myself on this elusive word. So many people avoid investing like a plague “You have to be rich” “It’s too complicated” Many people use these two excuses to not invest. But after educating myself on a couple strategies, I learned of one method that is really a game changer. It’s called Peer to Peer lending. Even though I was in bad debt, Student loans and credit card debt. I decided to take my savings and get my feet wet. I found it surprisingly easy. I started with just 25.00, The interest much higher than what the bank will give you… The stingy 1.00% interest rate.
It’s important to me that I help other middle-income families make their lives better! I want to help. So I wrote a book called “Stress Less, Invest more.”

What is Peer to Peer lending? Basically, you are lending money to people you do not know. You are trusting them to pay you back. You only have to lend them 25.00 and other people pitch in their 25.00 Until it equals the balance that the person is looking for. Like all investment strategies, it carries risk. But I’ve found this method to be very helpful in making extra money, In my book I describe in vivid detail on how to get started, what some of the terms mean, And what you can do based on your OWN personal lifestyle. I have learned through this experience that you don’t have to be rich to invest, and it’s not as complicated as everyone thinks it is.
Get my book to learn even more.
It’s on Amazon, Its free until 12/17/2015
Stress Less, Invest More

Or if you’d rather just jump in and figure it out for yourself…

Mercari V. Ebay


My review on the fantastic selling app Mercari
I was a bit hesitant to use the app Mercari while I’ve had lots of experience using Ebay. This seemed much less popular; I didn’t think I would sell anything!
I went ahead and tried it Because Ebay can be a pain in the butt to use. They make you provide so much information on each product. This makes it take forever to list many items.
Especially if you are looking to do some serious clutter removal.
I also don’t like eBay, Because the competition among bigger businesses. Ebay is not always individual seller friendly. I firmly believe you can make money on eBay if you try. But selling on eBay can be risky. I like the bidding platform for flexibility.It seems rare to have your items sell more than what you actually are wishing them to sell for, If you set the bid price high, people don’t seem to want to bid on your item. It is sort of silly logic. I’ve seen products sell for upwards of 60.00 that had a bid start price of 0.99 and the exact same product sell for just 53.00 because the seller set up their listing for that price originally.
With eBay, they will let you print a discounted label directly from their site, Making it easier to ship items.
With Mercari if you do not know how to ship, They can send you a label, Fed Ex or USPS your choice.
I like that because not only is Mercari filled with everyday people, But It also allows easy usage of people who are not familiar with the shipping process. I was pleasantly surprised when I began using Mercari, My stuff sold at a decent speed. People will leave comments and request the price they want and you can choose whether or not to change your prices. It makes selling easy. I highly recommend it. Right now they do not charge any commission so you can make a serious profit off your unused stuff laying around! The app set up is easy to use and friendly. It is simple and to the point, you can list things fairly quickly.
The only bad thing I’ve found about Mercari, it’s limited to your phone.If you have items, you need to ship you have to type manually in the address on your computer or other printing compatible device. This is scary because you may make a mistake. Another method is by copying and pasting the address on your phone, Then Emailing/Texting the address to yourself so you can print the labels. If you find a good system for this let me know. I’d love to hear about it.
I have got to admit the front page, Is terribly addicting, It automatically updates as people list new items. I see great deals often. So It can be hard not to go on a shopping spree. Some of my purchases have been:
Brand new pair of Dr. Martens floral boots, I only paid 45.00 for FREE shipping
Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner, x4 bottles 28 oz each for 15.00 FREE SHIPPING
Vera Bradley wristlet and case , 19.00 FREE SHIPPING
As you can see, you can save much money too, While you earn money selling stuff. You can even use your Mercari credits to purchase items, Or use DIRECT DEPOSIT To send it to a bank account.
The site also has a feedback system similar to eBay, which gives you the advantage to build your reputation.
I recommended this app in my eBook “Sell Everything” because it is been helpful to me cleaning up my house and earning extra money. You can even go to a local thrift store and buy stuff, Then resell it on Mercari, Potentially building an online business.
If you use my referral code, We each get 2.00! Try out Mercari! It will help you a bunch. It’s YJSVYP


Get rid of your stuff with Mercari!
Get rid of your stuff with Mercari!

Buy all of your food in BULK ONLINE!


We’ve all heard about Costco and Sam’s club, but how about even better prices, without leaving our house? There are many not well known sites that actually make this very possible. Lots of dried food items like Pastas, Beans, and sauces. Have a very long shelf life. Yet we spend lots of gas and wear and tear on our car going to and from the store buying these “boxed “items that cost a fortune. Maybe you are fortunate enough to live near a Winco. How about online? When you don’t have time for shopping? Buying in bulk can save serious cash, if you know how to process and use the food on time.
General tips to avoiding wasted bulk food.
1. If you’ve never tried it, spend the extra money and buy a smaller container. It will save you a lot of money in case you hate it.
2. Try a variety of generic brands! Some may taste awful, while others will probably taste much better.
3. Focus on the price per oz. of food or liquid you are getting, rather than the price per unit, sometimes smaller contained foods are actually cheaper than larger ones. DON’T let that trick you. I found at the grocery store that a 12 pack of eggs Vs. An 18 pack, Buying x2 12 packs actually gave me the better deal on price-per-egg over purchasing one 18 pack. This will vary among stores and locations so make sure to look into this before you try the same tactic.
My favorite site is,
Webstraunt store:
Why use Webstraunt store?
One main reason… REDHOT SAUCE! You can get four Gallons of it for 46.99
Here are some other examples of the prices you can expect to find.
Shell Pasta 20lbs for 12.49
Mini Pretzels: 8Lbs for 11.49
Del Monte Ketchup: 12 bottles (14 Oz’s) each 12.99

Overall this site is absolutely amazing, A HUGE selection of pastas, Marinades, Sauces, Coffee, Soda syrup, Marinades, Tea, Canned fruits and vegetables, Gravy, Canned meat, Popcorn supplies, Candies, Asian foods, Spices, EVEN K CUPS for your coffee maker!
The only Con to this site: If you don’t have a business address to ship to, Shipping can be steep. So it’s recommended to find a place that will allow you to ship your goods there to pick up, OR order lots of stuff to offset the costs of shipping! Overall worth it! Maybe contact neighbors and friends and they will place an order too. Maximize your order. You can also contact local businesses to see if they’d be willing to let you ship your stuff to them. Or maybe at your workplace!

Here are some other bulk sites that I haven’t tried yet, what is your favorite way to save money on food?


Give away your junk! Get cool stuff! With Listia!



Getting rid of your JUNK, With Listia!

Listia is a lot like eBay,
Instead everything is free. It’s a wonderful site, Where you can trade items you don’t need for items that you actually want. When you sell something, You get credits. Those credits can be applied to another item you want to purchase.
It’s basically a trading website!
They even have a feedback system so you can track your reputation it’s super addicting!
I’ve sold thousands of items on there. And I am very pleased. You can even earn more credits by doing special offers, Including surveys and such. They often have contests and drawings for prizes and credits. There is a raffle you can participate in for free stuff!
You can get home items, Plants, Electronics, toys, office supplies, furniture, Books, Bath and body items, make up. They have everything!
I have even made a profit. If you sell gift cards, you will get a ton of credits that can be applied to any other item on the site. Gift cards are considered more valuable than any other item because they most closely resemble cash. Everything sells better on Listia because people want to get rid of their credits.
Also, because credits have an unknown value, It’s different for everyone. Many items I thought no one in the world would want, Have sold well on Listia.
Like most sites, Listia has its restrictions, But it even allows you to sell your used bras. Many sites don’t allow that. Many bras are expensive, So for all the women out there! You can rehome your Victoria’s Secret bra’s and actually get something out of it.
They even have a rewards store where you can purchase a brand new item!
Yes bidding, Like eBay it’s mostly bidding. Which gives flexibility on how many credits to spend. I love this site Because it helps us be green and reuse items! You can even get electronics like cell phones, Ipods, Videogame systems. I used to sell gift cards and resale the Nintendo DS XL’s I got for profit! I made over 600.00 doing this! I even got myself a free DS.
Overtime Listia has made changes, Their reward store no longer has GIN prices (get It now) It’s all bidding, I’m hoping they’ll change that again in the future, Because I would love to get more video game systems to resell for profit. But for now, It’s still a wonderful site if you are looking for ways to declutter your home, Even for the “lesser” wanted items. They will actually sell well on Listia.
Sign Up now!

Listia tips

-Items sell much better with free shipping, By taking on the shipping cost almost all of your items will sell.

-Start the bids low, Check what is on demand on the site, This will help you maximize your credit profits

-Avoid selling anything out of season, It won’t be as wanted as much

-If you purchase something from someone else, DO NOT PAY THE SHIPPING, Avoid listings that make you pay shipping. Unless the seller will accept Paypal, That way you are covered by paypal buyer protection. Listia customer service is great, but they will not reimburse your cash, If the seller decides to not go through with the transaction. They only reimburse credits. If you need a money reimbursement then you will need to go through Paypal.

This is another site that was in my best selling book, “Sell Everything

SellEverything newcover (2)

How To Start In The Stock Market

Many mid-income to lower income people, talk about investing one day when they are making a lot of money, But what they don’t realize is they can start investing some of their discretionary income right now!
I don’t make a lot of money, I work part time. But Investing is a lot of fun; I’ve found a lot of simple ways to invest while being poor at the same time! (haha)
Everyone has heard of the stock market! But where do you even begin!? It seems so complicated. I’ve found a website to solve that problem!
Loyal 3 is the perfect stock investing website for beginners, you can easily invest in your favorite well-known brand such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Amazon, Burger King, Starbucks. With as low as just 10.00! Yes! You can start purchasing ANY STOCK you want with just 10.00
What is the catch?
If you haven’t seen the price of stock shares, you will notice they are much larger prices than just 10.00, but sometimes we can’t afford those prices. For example the stock price of Amazon right now is,
567.00 Per share!! Many of us cannot afford that much money right away. Plus if you were on a traditional investing website, they would charge you a ton in fees. Even if you did manage to find a stock that was under your 10.00, the fees would make It not worth it to you.
Loyal 3 does what they call, “batch Trading” The batch trading allows us to buy a small piece of the stock, with our 10.00 more. Other people will also invest their 10.00 and eventually all of these 10’s will add up to cover the share of stock, That is one of the bad things about Loyal 3, Because they do the batch trading, Your trades aren’t immediately. You have to wait sometimes a day or two for them to go through. That means the stock price could drop or rise at this time, and you may get more or less ownership of a share than you originally anticipated.

Loyal 3 is great for the “buy and hold” method, and for those of you familiar with Warren Buffet this is the method he uses to minimize his losses in the stock market,
The buy and hold method, means you buy the stock and you hold it, you don’t sell it even as it goes up and down. You keep the ownership of the stock for a long period of time before selling.
This is also a great method, because if you invest in DIVIDEND stocks,
What are dividend stocks?
The company which you own stock for will review their earnings every couple months and issue you a small payment for owning shares of stock. These will be smaller payments, but you can take those payments and reinvest them or send them back to your bank account. If you don’t have a lot of money, and you plan to stick with Loyal 3 for a while, I highly recommend you invest in these companies.
How do I know if the companies I’m about to invest in, are dividend paying stocks?
Just go on Google, Type in the company’s name then “stock” and see what comes up, Here is an example. I typed in “Amazon Stock”

stock3 (2)
Amazon has no percentage or number listed. Therefore, Amazon does not give dividends. If you look up Pepsi (PEP) there is a 2.82% Percent dividend. Meaning every 4 months, you will earn dividends at a 2.82% of each share you own. If you own less than a share, they will give you the portion that you deserve.

Why not just put the money in savings
Stock investing is risky, Even on your funds are not FDIC insured, meaning you could lose your money. But with savings accounts being a lousy 1.0% saving rate, IF THAT! There is no point in just leaving a massive amount of money to rot in your account. Investing some of it can potentially make you much larger returns. You need to do your research and make sure the company you choose to invest in will perform how you want it to. Although, don’t try to find patterns or predict the stock market, you can’t! It’s random. Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose. But your chances are much better for a win, then going to Vegas and gambling your money away. So I highly recommend giving it a go. Because Loyal3 just gives you your basics, you don’t have unlimited choices on the stock to choose from. Loyal3 mostly has bigger well-known companies that you are probably really familiar with. It lowers the chance of you losing your money too because sometimes those start-up businesses can be scary. Loyal3 also offers IPO’s which you can do you research on those, They are much riskier than regular stock because they are new and fresh in the market.
Like any investing strategy DIVERSIFY
Loyal3 gives you very little chances to diversify your money but do what you can do put it on multiple companies.
Moving on to bigger sites
I like Loyal 3 because it gives you a basic experience of stock investment, it can help prepare you for the bigger sites. If you choose to move on, make sure you have a pretty good amount of money to invest. Loyal3 doesn’t charge any fees but other websites do. Take the time to learn the new website before you start investing, that way you won’t make bad decisions.

Looking to try other strategies? In my Upcoming book I will talk about PEER TO PEER INVESTING!

I will teach you everything you need to know to start investing on Prosper and Lending club.