3 Great Ways To Save Money On Gifts This Year!

The Holidays are already here! It happened too fast! I feel like just yesterday I was playing in the ocean and eating dippin dots!
But it’s already time to start buying gifts. The amount of money we can spend is huge. We have so many people we want to recognize and appreciate during the holiday season. We don’t want to forget anyone, but at the same time, we don’t want to carry massive amounts of debt.
Here are five fantastic ways to save money during your holiday shopping, and no this doesn’t require you to get trampled during Black Friday either.

Be sure to set a budget before you go shopping. To ensure you don’t over buy. I have that problem occasionally, I buy, Buy, buy without paying attention to who I am buying for. I then realize I bought a ridiculous amount of things for one person, And other people not so much. You can avoid this by having a number for each person and stopping once you hit it. Plus with these money saving tips, you’ll be able to get more for your dollar!


This is one of my newly found friends.
Wiki by will allow you to install it directly to Chrome or Firefox; it will run while you are online shopping If you find a deal better than the one you are about to purchase, It will stop you and let you know. You can purchase easily through Wikibuy and they give you a 100% guarantee that you will receive your item. Although, if you are an [Amazon](http://amzn.to/2f18ffD) For some items you may have to get used to waiting a little longer because you aren’t guaranteed the two-day shipping! But you will save a lot of money over time that way. [Wikibuy](http://wbuy.me/6749RR) also automatically tries a bunch of promo codes to see if you can save even MORE! I can’t even count how many times I went to buy something, and I forgot to check if there were promo codes, This does it for you automatically.

I bought my boyfriend a new video game earlier today, and I saved 5.00. With Wikibuy.
I saved an additional 0.60 combined with Ebates
Then I will get another 0.60 from my Cashback Credit card for the transaction.
I will then forward the digital receipt to RecieptPal for another few pennies.
So for a brand new ps4 game, I got an additional 6.20 off, When the game was originally 10.00 off anyways, Not a bad deal!

Sure that may sound like a small amount, But across all of the items I end up buying, and it adds up way fast. If you buy 50 items total, And save 5.00 you could end up saving 250.00




I mentioned Ebates above, and it’s one of my favorites! It’s similar to Wikibuy; It’s a plugin. Both plugins are COMPATIBLE! So you can use Ebates and Wikibuy at the SAME TIME! You open your shopping experience with Ebates, and they give you a cashback after your purchase, They will pay you once a month or so by Check, or Paypal. (There might be additional options) So far since I’ve opened my account I’ve gotten 150.00 back, By doing absolutely nothing. Get ebates, and after the holiday season when you are filling down about your empty bank account Ebates will come to the rescue with a check to help you get your money back!
If you sign up now, You can get 10.00 right now, And that will go towards your first check 🙂


This company is trying to compete with… AMAZON! Wow right!?
Well, I gotta say they are doing a great job. Last year I bought my brother a new computer game that normally costs 30-50 for only 10.00. I’m talking about Starcraft! Yes!
They give you options; You can gradually widdle down the price by choosing certain things like…

Like Choosing to opt out of free returns.

Now if it’s a special dress, That you need to try on and may not like, This may not be for you. But if you are buying your favorite laundry detergent you buy often, you may not need to return it. If you select the option, They’ll drop the amount you’ll pay.
Pay with debit card
This may or may not be worth it to you based on the credit card cashback you may have. But they give you the option to save more money this way. Credit cards charge businesses fees for each transaction. And many businesses want to avoid the fees if possible.

Bulk Discount

They also give you a discount for buying more than one. If you can think of specific items that would work for the whole family, Then you can save a lot of money this way.
And best of all, Ebates offers 3% on anything you purchase off of Jet.com
Yes and 2 day delivery on many items!

Although warning, This website is super addicting. As you add more stuff to your cart your overall price will go down on individual items. It was exciting seeing a 36 pack of soda I wanted to buy go from being around 12.30 to just 11.20 as I was adding stuff to my cart. So my cost per can of soda was going down! If you order off of Jet, I recommend you do it that way.

Christmas and other holidays don’t have to completely clean out your bank account! You can save money on great gifts. Now for the hard part, Figuring out what to get everyone!