How to Save A Ton Of Money on Adult coloring books and supplies!

If you are on Facebook Adult coloring groups, you may notice other people’s massive piles of coloring supplies. They post pictures of, A massive variety of coloring books, Brand new. Tons of colored pencils, fancy markers, and other supplies. It makes you wonder how they are able to get so many supplies.

If you are on a budget like I am. This budget may not allow us to have much. But I have found incredible ways to get more coloring books and supplies for cheaper. You’ll have a brag-worthy stash of stuff as everyone else! Or if you just need some extra supplies this will be a quick way to make that happen.


  1. Amz Review Trader

This is where I get the bulk of my FREE and super cheap awesome stuff!

All you need is an Amazon account and be wiling to leave reviews! At first, you may not get accepted for everything. But with time and after you build up a reputation with reviews, you’ll get accepted for almost anything. You’ll get tons of coloring books, markers, colored pencils for 50% off or more. Some of the coloring books will be digital versions, but there are tons of paperback versions available too. This is a great way to get all of your household needs on a budget too. They offer household, kitchen, computer stuff, books, everything you can think of is a click away. I’ve pretty much bought a whole new wardrobe this way J

If you don’t have a lot of experience leaving reviews on Amazon, I suggest you get started. For sellers, Reviews can be hard to get, and they also encourage sales. Sellers really want your honest opinion on your product; this is why this website exists. This website is NOT affiliated with Amazon, but they follow all of Amazon’s Terms of Service.


Note: these are also brand new products, Without damage or problems J


  1. Mercari

Use my Referral code for an extra 2.00 in Credits: YJSVYP

iPhone and Android app

This is an app for buying and selling whatever you want; you can always trade in your old stuff to get more coloring book supplies. I really like this app because I have the ability to sell my coloring books to you guys for really cheap!! I see tons of coloring books on here,


Note: Some are more expensive than Amazon, Just be careful and compare your prices. You can also ask sellers for combined discounts for purchasing multiple books! You can’t do that on Amazon!


  1. Ebay

Ebay? Really ? No seriously! If you don’t mind purchasing massive lots of Prismacolor pencils and markers, Used. Then you can get a ton for dirt cheap, Be sure to look for the “used lots” You can find great stuff this way! If used bothers you, Maybe avoid.


  1. Etsy

If you have a printer and are prepared to get digital coloring books, Etsy has a lot of those! They have physical books, But I feel like as far as pricing goes Etsy is best for digital books. You can buy individual coloring pages for 0.99 or spend 2.99-5.99 and get a whole book! You can print the pages you like, ignore the ones you don’t and you won’t have to worry about a bunch of books adding clutter to your home.


  1. Join my “special deals” coloring list

Special Deals here!

I’m in the process of launching a coloring list Because I like to keep an eye out on different pricing as far as colored pencils and coloring books. If you are interested in joining my list, Once I get it going I plan to send a weekly or monthly email on different pricing that I’m finding on Amazon, If I see books that are a really good deal I’ll let you know, So you’ll have the opportunity to snag these books before the prices go up! Usually, if coloring book artists lower their prices, it’s for a limited amount of time and the price will usually go right back up making it hard to get a good deal on it. Same with those colored pencil deals! I will also let you know if I find other services or ways to get the best bang for your buck as far as coloring goes.


There are ways to get your coloring books and pages honestly. Sure you could go to Pinterest and download artwork that may have been stolen. But that hurts artists, And eventually colorists. For those of us on a tight budget, there are many options to get our “fix” for a reasonable price. We too can have a paradise of coloring supplies!! I hope this article helped you get your supplies cheaper if you know any other resources I failed to include, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will write another article with the ideas you have



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Black Backgrounds Are Hitting The Adult Coloring Book Market

Black backgrounds are taking over!!

Have you ever added a little black to the picture you were coloring, Just to make the picture pop?

Don’t you hate that most coloring books do not have already black backgrounds? So you are forced to use up your favorite colored pencil or marker.


2016_01_30_16_23_55Coloring Book authors are starting to put out a variety of coloring books with black backgrounds! These  allow you to easily make your coloring creations “pop” with color! You can use neon gel pens and bright markers to achieve a pretty glow. This way of coloring is lots of fun and it probably reminds us of our childhood “Velvet” posters we use to color. Like the Lisa Frank posters, Or the pony ones.

There is a massive variety right now, Like flowers, Glowing Mandalas, Houses, Animals and other themes. Some coloring book authors have even taken old best sellers and added a fun black background to them to make coloring more enjoyable!

These pages are also quicker to color because you never have to worry about adding to the background. For those of us short on time this makes it a little less stressful! We can potentially finish an entire coloring page in one sitting instead of dragging it on for days and weeks.

Black backgrounds also make the book appear more kid friendly. If a child wants a step up from the child coloring books these glowing books may be a great alternative depending on what medium you choose, even if they color outside the lines the black background will hide that. It’s a great self esteem booster because they won’t feel bad about the stray lines! Also the pages look much less intimidating! They can be complex but the black background has a way of simplifying the whole page. Which works great for adults who are new to this coloring trend and do not want to color something too complex.

I find the Mandala glowing pages funnest to color! Who colors the back ground of a mandala book anyways? I’ve done that a couple times as a way of adding a bit of extra color, But I find it a bit boring and frustrating trying to color and evdddddden out the shade throughout the background of the Mandala. So I prefer to leave mine boring white at times! Here are some comparisons. jhjkhjkjhjhj

I highly recommend avoid buying DIGITAL coloring books that “glow” unless you have a super amazing printer that uses almost no ink. HAHA, These pages are real greedy on those ink cartridges.


Have you colored any “glowing” pages yet? What has been your favorite so far?




Jenean Morrison “Nature Designs” Coloring book for adults

Sorry about the dog interruptions, My dog Wally really wanted to be in the video!
I recently purchased Jenean Morrison’s new coloring book Nature designs. As usual I am pleased with the quality of her work,
This coloring book is truly GORGEOUS!
There are fun and unique designs that anyone will enjoy!
– Butterflies

*Single sided
* Quality paper
*gorgeous cover
*Designs that do not go too far to the edge of the page.
* Good variety

I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a digitally done book that is great quality and fun to color!! The paper is 60lb white paper, It’s not super thick but not super thin. You can use markers if you are gentle. or put something behind the pages to avoid the bleed. As always I’m impressed with the fun cover too !! I love the added green. If you enjoy this book, You will also enjoy her other books, They are similar but have their own theme!

The New Trend In Adult Coloring Books!

What the F***
Is there a new trend within Adult coloring?
What do you think of when you think of Adult coloring? Something sexual? Something offensive? Surprisingly not a lot of coloring books are dirty or offensive. They have cute animals, Mandalas or other more complex versions of childhood coloring books, certainly not coloring books you’d need to hide from your children that’s for sure! But Lately, a new type of coloring book has quickly made it’s way to the bestseller lists of Amazon and has become the topic of discussion. They are called Sweary adult coloring books.


Why sit down and color a panda bear, when you can sit down after long day of work and color a “Dumb ass” page that clearly describes your supervisor. Or color a “bitch” page, representing that snotty lady at the grocery store.
There are English bad words, Bad words from other countries, Granny swears, And other silly ones to choose from.
This is the new way to relax! Let’s color some shit! Or if swear words aren’t the thing for you, there are sexual positions coloring books, Fetishes, Even coloring books with weaponry. Artists have worked hard to create a mass of ridiculous books in every genre to fit the needs of everyone.
What does it take to relax in our busy and stressful lives these days? What types of books do you want to see next?

Here are some of the Sweary books right now on Amazon!


The Best Colored Pencils For Adult Coloring Books

Have you decided to give into the Adult Coloring Trend? You may feel overwhelmed with all of the choices. From Mandalas, Animals and designs, along with a bunch of colored pencil brands you may of not heard of.
Of course, Picking up a pack of Crayola’s may be a good option, They are price friendly and have durable and fairly smooth leads. Everyone has their own favorite brand of colored pencil. Obviously some people like Roseart. Otherwise they’d be out of business. Here is a Quick overview on the colored pencils I’ve tried.


Crayola colored pencils come at a great price! They are cheaper, Durable. And overall nice looking. They blend well and can create nice shades. If you are on a budget, Or if you are a beginner, I highly recommend Crayola. It seems funny the same brand you were probably using in Elementary school is here for you to use again. They haven’t changed over the years, and they still are a great quality product! The only complaint I have is a lot of the sets have the same seemingly unnatural colors to them. I’m not real fond of the colors, They create very vibrant work, But if you are looking for a degree of realism it will be hard to achieve with Crayolas.

Prismacolor Premier

If you are whiling to spend a little bit more money, Prismacolor Premier will surprise you! These colored pencils are Amazing, They are soft and durable. They blend beautifully. They have a ton of beautiful colors, They will make your coloring pages look incredible! I have used these for a lot of my coloring and am very happy with them.

Prismacolor verithin

On a budget? But want quality! Here are Prismacolor Verithins These pencils are much harder than the Prismacolor Premier pencils. They don’t blend as easily. They are great for outlining, you don’t have to worry about any kind of smearing. They coat the paper nicely. These go well with the Prismacolor Premier pencils and will help you create lots of shades and textures, But these pencils are great on their own too.
Prismacolor Watercolor

I won’t go into too much detail with watercolor pencils, Because most colorists do not use them on pages, Many adult coloring books have a lot of tight spaces, and it can be difficult to color those with watercolor.
Prismacolor watercolor pencils are the way to go if you are looking for watercolors, As regular pencils you get the same feel and blend as the Prismacolor Premier pencils. But once you put water on the colors it blends and smears with your paintbrush, Allowing you to paint in what you want, With minimal leftover lines and bleed.


Koh- I- Noor Progresso Woodless

I used to get weird stares in class when I pulled out my woodless pencils. They are a strange creature; They do not have wood, But instead a thin layer of coating to hold the pencil intact. These pencils are fun and interesting. But DO NOT drop them, They shatter like glass. If you are accident prone like I am, you won’t have these very long. They are fun to try out, though. These pencils are reasonable; You can sharpen them the same way you sharpen any old pencil. In the same sharpener. They blend well, and work, But I’d say they are just as good as Crayolas. And no better.


Reeves, is like the cheaper brand. When you cannot afford Prismacolor haha. I have always loved Reeves, Because you get a good quality product at a great price. The colored pencils are a lot like Crayolas, Again. But I’d conside them to be a little bit better, The leads are harder and the colors are more natural.
I hope these recommendations were helpful in your search! If you want to purchase the pencils just click the photos of the pencils and it will take you to Amazon!
Are you looking for a coloring book now? Then I highly recommend my very own coloring book Animal Forest Coloring for All ages!
It will be a perfect fit for your new colored pencils!