Why You Should NEVER Multi-task

Ever wondered why so many people continue to insist on doing several things simultaneously as a goal to increase productivity?
Multitasking leads to
– More stress,
– Less productivity

It will overall have a negative effect on your mood and motivation. Still, believe in the power of multitasking?

The brain hates multitasking!

Many individuals pride themselves on their ability to juggle several tasks at the same time. Your mind cannot focus on more than one thing at a time anyway! Retaining new information is almost impossible for the brain to achieve when it is distracted and focusing on several things simultaneously.

More tasks lead to more mistakes:

Lack of focus when multitasking may result in errors. Your mind is divided between several things when multitasking, and this increases the risk of mistakes occurring. It’s hard to be accurate when you are doing so many things at once If you focus on one thing at a time you are less likely to make as many mistakes!

It impacts short-term memory:

Multi-tasking can start affecting your short term memory almost immediately.
But in the long run, It will prohibit you from being able to continue multitasking. It will get harder and harder for you to learn from what you are doing and harder for you to do things well.

It leads to anxiety:

One of the major downsides of multitasking is that it causes anxiety.
Many studies have been done that proves that many people have a higher heart rate than those who don’t when they focus on one thing at a time!
It’s important to keep your stress down while you work If you start multitasking because you are stressed out, Make a to-do list and take a break, Then come back to your desired task.
When I get stressed working on the computer, I’ll take a break from cleaning, Not only do I get more done in my day but it helps me de-stress for a while.

It inhibits creativity:

It’s hard for you to come up with new and original ideas when you are stressed out, it’s better for you just to focus on one thing a time so you can ensure that you are fully thinking things through and doing things as they need to be done!


Cut back on multitasking already and see the magic that starts to happen. Things will dramatically change in your life without you trying to do twenty things at once; It’s easy to be stressed out all the time. But If you focus on one thing at time you’ll get more done by the end of the day to be proud of.