Promote Your Damn Self

So many people are afraid to tell the world about what they’ve created. Whether it’s a physical product, A blog post, A Kindle book. People are aways hesitant when it gets to that point. With most the gatekeepers gone, and the ball of success in our court. It’s necessary that we are proud of our creations and can tell the world about it.
Someone rejecting your creation can be heartbreaking. I experience it everyday, But it’s something that must be done for me to be successful.


– 33% hate you
– 33% Love you
– 33% Don’t give a shit about you!
I love that quote because it’s true. Sometimes it’s easy to let those haters rip you to shreds, Their jealous. Keep going!

Don’t do it the wrong way!

No one wants to be sold to! Everyone wants to buy on their terms.
If I came up to you and said “buy my coloring book” “BUY IT NOW!” “BUY IT” AND YELLED AND SPIT IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you buy my coloring book!?


If I left my coloring book sitting out at a table at the fair, With a price tag on it. Then I gave you some free coloring pages with no strings attached. I was nice and smiled. But didn’t necessarily TELL YOU to buy my book, Wouldn’t you feel more like buying my book?


Because I did something for you, Now your brain tells you, you need to do something for me in return. Plus I was super nice and genuine. Why wouldn’t you support an artist?

See the difference?
In online terms, this can be more difficult!
Sometimes coming up with a less – sales pitch to tell my Facebook friends about my new book is kinda hard. But I try to emphasize the fact that it’s unique, Hand drawn and that I’m having a sale on it for only 3.59
This seems to do better. I also create a collage of the pages on the inside as the photo, Instead of using the Amazon link photo. That seems to help, Because I’m emphasizing the inside, (The fun pages for the customer) Rather than the Amazon listing.

I went off topic a bit!


No one will do it for you

Occasionally you’ll have someone share your stuff without people knowing about it, But you need to get your stuff into as many hands or eyes as possible first.

No one will see your work!

It’s great the gatekeepers are gone! We can publish our shit. But it’s easy to disappear in the millions of listings on Amazon.

Your time and your Money will be wasted if you don’t

Self-publishing isn’t free; I’m sick of people saying that. I want to slap those people. It’s not free. It takes a ton of time to write a book, Then you need to hire a proofreader, A cover designer, Then you often have to pay for marketing! It’s the furthest thing from free.
But I do agree it can be cheap, When you know what you are doing.


Promote yourself! Don’t be hesitant or full of shame, Be proud of your accomplishments and rock it! You are great! Keep it up.