Crayola Glitter Markers

Crayola Glitter Markers

The coloring book I showed in the video is….

These cheap but awesome markers are perfect for you coloring book collection!!

There are 6 different colors, and they are priced well.

They sparkle extremely well. And have nice flowing ink (mostly) without too much bleed to your coloring book

Pros: the colors are bright and fun!

They are smooth when they work.

You can press down to make them work better,
They sparkle a lot.


Sometimes the glitter gets stuck and it can be hard to keep using them.

There isn’t a whole lot of ink, You will probably use them quickly, but for the price they are a really good deal!

No orange color L

Be careful, you’ll get glitter on your hands!

They have a fat tip, Which can be good or a bad thing, Not great for areas that are too small, But good for larger area coloring.

See my video to see me color with them