Black Backgrounds Are Hitting The Adult Coloring Book Market

Black backgrounds are taking over!!

Have you ever added a little black to the picture you were coloring, Just to make the picture pop?

Don’t you hate that most coloring books do not have already black backgrounds? So you are forced to use up your favorite colored pencil or marker.


2016_01_30_16_23_55Coloring Book authors are starting to put out a variety of coloring books with black backgrounds! These  allow you to easily make your coloring creations “pop” with color! You can use neon gel pens and bright markers to achieve a pretty glow. This way of coloring is lots of fun and it probably reminds us of our childhood “Velvet” posters we use to color. Like the Lisa Frank posters, Or the pony ones.

There is a massive variety right now, Like flowers, Glowing Mandalas, Houses, Animals and other themes. Some coloring book authors have even taken old best sellers and added a fun black background to them to make coloring more enjoyable!

These pages are also quicker to color because you never have to worry about adding to the background. For those of us short on time this makes it a little less stressful! We can potentially finish an entire coloring page in one sitting instead of dragging it on for days and weeks.

Black backgrounds also make the book appear more kid friendly. If a child wants a step up from the child coloring books these glowing books may be a great alternative depending on what medium you choose, even if they color outside the lines the black background will hide that. It’s a great self esteem booster because they won’t feel bad about the stray lines! Also the pages look much less intimidating! They can be complex but the black background has a way of simplifying the whole page. Which works great for adults who are new to this coloring trend and do not want to color something too complex.

I find the Mandala glowing pages funnest to color! Who colors the back ground of a mandala book anyways? I’ve done that a couple times as a way of adding a bit of extra color, But I find it a bit boring and frustrating trying to color and evdddddden out the shade throughout the background of the Mandala. So I prefer to leave mine boring white at times! Here are some comparisons. jhjkhjkjhjhj

I highly recommend avoid buying DIGITAL coloring books that “glow” unless you have a super amazing printer that uses almost no ink. HAHA, These pages are real greedy on those ink cartridges.


Have you colored any “glowing” pages yet? What has been your favorite so far?