How the “No contact rule” can help you get your Ex back



Ignore the Guy, Get the guy
by Leslie Braswell
Looking for a good, “No contact” rule Book? Well this is the one, Many women struggle with this, We get dumped like a piece of garbage. And we just want to lash out, First we are angry! Spitting out swears and breaking stuff. Then our anger becomes engulfed in utter sadness. While we are forced to face the reality of the situation. It hurts, It kills us. WHY!? Why!? We need closure! We need it now!!
This book was funny and informative! Here I share some of my favorite parts 🙂
My favorite quote in the whole book:
“Men are like trains, One comes by every five minutes”
haha!! This book really teaches you to respect yourself.
Many men walk and tear apart women until we are nothing left.

This book will…
*  Help you identify what men are worth it, Which ones aren’t
* Help you not go insane while you are doing the no contact method
*  Teach you the tricks you can use to get him to come back for you.
* Give you a nice time frame of when stuff should happen.
Example from the book:
3- Weeks He’s wondering why you aren’t seeking him out.
4- Weeks Wondering what you are doing
5-6 Weeks He should be like a high school girl.
8- Weeks He’s moved on, you should too.

The author also sites relationship tips and quotes from other well known books, Which really adds credibility to this book.
This book is all about keeping your respect, for yourself. and making him respect you!


“If a man truly loves you. You’ll never question where his heart is.”

DON’T FEED THE EGO, Back off let him fall apart.

– Text him a lot
– Accidental text (haha Guilty)
– Call Repeatedly.
– Begging Pleading
– Blocking your number, calling and hanging up.
– Driving by his house
– Sending Emails

Men often fail to realize what they have until it’s gone.

My favorite rule: “for every 3 to 4 attempts he tries to contact you, Only reply to one”
Most books say absolutely not. Which makes it more difficult to do.

TONE: This book is like sitting down with your best friend, She’s upfront and kind, But serious. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LET THIS JERK HURT YOU AGAIN. Attitude!



WARNING: This book does reference “god” a lot. As an atheist It bothered me a little bit, But It still has great information.

For those of you wishing to purchase the book to read the rest,