The New Trend In Adult Coloring Books!

What the F***
Is there a new trend within Adult coloring?
What do you think of when you think of Adult coloring? Something sexual? Something offensive? Surprisingly not a lot of coloring books are dirty or offensive. They have cute animals, Mandalas or other more complex versions of childhood coloring books, certainly not coloring books you’d need to hide from your children that’s for sure! But Lately, a new type of coloring book has quickly made it’s way to the bestseller lists of Amazon and has become the topic of discussion. They are called Sweary adult coloring books.


Why sit down and color a panda bear, when you can sit down after long day of work and color a “Dumb ass” page that clearly describes your supervisor. Or color a “bitch” page, representing that snotty lady at the grocery store.
There are English bad words, Bad words from other countries, Granny swears, And other silly ones to choose from.
This is the new way to relax! Let’s color some shit! Or if swear words aren’t the thing for you, there are sexual positions coloring books, Fetishes, Even coloring books with weaponry. Artists have worked hard to create a mass of ridiculous books in every genre to fit the needs of everyone.
What does it take to relax in our busy and stressful lives these days? What types of books do you want to see next?

Here are some of the Sweary books right now on Amazon!