Animal Forest Coloring Book

Animal Forest
Animal forest coloring book, Is the first coloring book I’ve ever published! It’s filled with beautiful hand drawn animals. I had so much fun making this book. I’ve always loved animals and was amazed by how many animal coloring books lack a variety. My first coloring page drawn was the Duck. I wasn’t going to publish it after 45 pages, But instead wait until I had at least 100.


But all of my friends and family were pushing me to publish it because they were excited to see it. So Animal Forest has 45 coloring pages. After reading many reviews from Colorists out there. I made the difficult decision of making it a one sided coloring book, Originally I wanted to make it a double sided book because It gives it a more artistic look. I wanted to make people happy so It ended up being just a single sided book. I’m happy about that decision now, Because It gave people the opportunity to tear their colored pages out and hang them up! A video of me going through the pages 🙂