The Best Colored Pencils For Adult Coloring Books

Have you decided to give into the Adult Coloring Trend? You may feel overwhelmed with all of the choices. From Mandalas, Animals and designs, along with a bunch of colored pencil brands you may of not heard of.
Of course, Picking up a pack of Crayola’s may be a good option, They are price friendly and have durable and fairly smooth leads. Everyone has their own favorite brand of colored pencil. Obviously some people like Roseart. Otherwise they’d be out of business. Here is a Quick overview on the colored pencils I’ve tried.


Crayola colored pencils come at a great price! They are cheaper, Durable. And overall nice looking. They blend well and can create nice shades. If you are on a budget, Or if you are a beginner, I highly recommend Crayola. It seems funny the same brand you were probably using in Elementary school is here for you to use again. They haven’t changed over the years, and they still are a great quality product! The only complaint I have is a lot of the sets have the same seemingly unnatural colors to them. I’m not real fond of the colors, They create very vibrant work, But if you are looking for a degree of realism it will be hard to achieve with Crayolas.

Prismacolor Premier

If you are whiling to spend a little bit more money, Prismacolor Premier will surprise you! These colored pencils are Amazing, They are soft and durable. They blend beautifully. They have a ton of beautiful colors, They will make your coloring pages look incredible! I have used these for a lot of my coloring and am very happy with them.

Prismacolor verithin

On a budget? But want quality! Here are Prismacolor Verithins These pencils are much harder than the Prismacolor Premier pencils. They don’t blend as easily. They are great for outlining, you don’t have to worry about any kind of smearing. They coat the paper nicely. These go well with the Prismacolor Premier pencils and will help you create lots of shades and textures, But these pencils are great on their own too.
Prismacolor Watercolor

I won’t go into too much detail with watercolor pencils, Because most colorists do not use them on pages, Many adult coloring books have a lot of tight spaces, and it can be difficult to color those with watercolor.
Prismacolor watercolor pencils are the way to go if you are looking for watercolors, As regular pencils you get the same feel and blend as the Prismacolor Premier pencils. But once you put water on the colors it blends and smears with your paintbrush, Allowing you to paint in what you want, With minimal leftover lines and bleed.


Koh- I- Noor Progresso Woodless

I used to get weird stares in class when I pulled out my woodless pencils. They are a strange creature; They do not have wood, But instead a thin layer of coating to hold the pencil intact. These pencils are fun and interesting. But DO NOT drop them, They shatter like glass. If you are accident prone like I am, you won’t have these very long. They are fun to try out, though. These pencils are reasonable; You can sharpen them the same way you sharpen any old pencil. In the same sharpener. They blend well, and work, But I’d say they are just as good as Crayolas. And no better.


Reeves, is like the cheaper brand. When you cannot afford Prismacolor haha. I have always loved Reeves, Because you get a good quality product at a great price. The colored pencils are a lot like Crayolas, Again. But I’d conside them to be a little bit better, The leads are harder and the colors are more natural.
I hope these recommendations were helpful in your search! If you want to purchase the pencils just click the photos of the pencils and it will take you to Amazon!
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