How A Poor College Student Learned How To Invest

As I continued my education, it was common knowledge that people who invested their money were overall more wealthy. Just saving your money in your bank account wasn’t enough. But how can you afford to do more when it’s all you have?

The average U.S. household with debt carries $15,355 in credit card debt and $129,579 in total debt.
(Source: NerdWallet)

I started educating myself on this elusive word. So many people avoid investing like a plague “You have to be rich” “It’s too complicated” Many people use these two excuses to not invest. But after educating myself on a couple strategies, I learned of one method that is really a game changer. It’s called Peer to Peer lending. Even though I was in bad debt, Student loans and credit card debt. I decided to take my savings and get my feet wet. I found it surprisingly easy. I started with just 25.00, The interest much higher than what the bank will give you… The stingy 1.00% interest rate.
It’s important to me that I help other middle-income families make their lives better! I want to help. So I wrote a book called “Stress Less, Invest more.”

What is Peer to Peer lending? Basically, you are lending money to people you do not know. You are trusting them to pay you back. You only have to lend them 25.00 and other people pitch in their 25.00 Until it equals the balance that the person is looking for. Like all investment strategies, it carries risk. But I’ve found this method to be very helpful in making extra money, In my book I describe in vivid detail on how to get started, what some of the terms mean, And what you can do based on your OWN personal lifestyle. I have learned through this experience that you don’t have to be rich to invest, and it’s not as complicated as everyone thinks it is.
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Stress Less, Invest More

Or if you’d rather just jump in and figure it out for yourself…