Mercari V. Ebay


My review on the fantastic selling app Mercari
I was a bit hesitant to use the app Mercari while I’ve had lots of experience using Ebay. This seemed much less popular; I didn’t think I would sell anything!
I went ahead and tried it Because Ebay can be a pain in the butt to use. They make you provide so much information on each product. This makes it take forever to list many items.
Especially if you are looking to do some serious clutter removal.
I also don’t like eBay, Because the competition among bigger businesses. Ebay is not always individual seller friendly. I firmly believe you can make money on eBay if you try. But selling on eBay can be risky. I like the bidding platform for flexibility.It seems rare to have your items sell more than what you actually are wishing them to sell for, If you set the bid price high, people don’t seem to want to bid on your item. It is sort of silly logic. I’ve seen products sell for upwards of 60.00 that had a bid start price of 0.99 and the exact same product sell for just 53.00 because the seller set up their listing for that price originally.
With eBay, they will let you print a discounted label directly from their site, Making it easier to ship items.
With Mercari if you do not know how to ship, They can send you a label, Fed Ex or USPS your choice.
I like that because not only is Mercari filled with everyday people, But It also allows easy usage of people who are not familiar with the shipping process. I was pleasantly surprised when I began using Mercari, My stuff sold at a decent speed. People will leave comments and request the price they want and you can choose whether or not to change your prices. It makes selling easy. I highly recommend it. Right now they do not charge any commission so you can make a serious profit off your unused stuff laying around! The app set up is easy to use and friendly. It is simple and to the point, you can list things fairly quickly.
The only bad thing I’ve found about Mercari, it’s limited to your phone.If you have items, you need to ship you have to type manually in the address on your computer or other printing compatible device. This is scary because you may make a mistake. Another method is by copying and pasting the address on your phone, Then Emailing/Texting the address to yourself so you can print the labels. If you find a good system for this let me know. I’d love to hear about it.
I have got to admit the front page, Is terribly addicting, It automatically updates as people list new items. I see great deals often. So It can be hard not to go on a shopping spree. Some of my purchases have been:
Brand new pair of Dr. Martens floral boots, I only paid 45.00 for FREE shipping
Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner, x4 bottles 28 oz each for 15.00 FREE SHIPPING
Vera Bradley wristlet and case , 19.00 FREE SHIPPING
As you can see, you can save much money too, While you earn money selling stuff. You can even use your Mercari credits to purchase items, Or use DIRECT DEPOSIT To send it to a bank account.
The site also has a feedback system similar to eBay, which gives you the advantage to build your reputation.
I recommended this app in my eBook “Sell Everything” because it is been helpful to me cleaning up my house and earning extra money. You can even go to a local thrift store and buy stuff, Then resell it on Mercari, Potentially building an online business.
If you use my referral code, We each get 2.00! Try out Mercari! It will help you a bunch. It’s YJSVYP


Get rid of your stuff with Mercari!
Get rid of your stuff with Mercari!