How To Start In The Stock Market

Many mid-income to lower income people, talk about investing one day when they are making a lot of money, But what they don’t realize is they can start investing some of their discretionary income right now!
I don’t make a lot of money, I work part time. But Investing is a lot of fun; I’ve found a lot of simple ways to invest while being poor at the same time! (haha)
Everyone has heard of the stock market! But where do you even begin!? It seems so complicated. I’ve found a website to solve that problem!
Loyal 3 is the perfect stock investing website for beginners, you can easily invest in your favorite well-known brand such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Amazon, Burger King, Starbucks. With as low as just 10.00! Yes! You can start purchasing ANY STOCK you want with just 10.00
What is the catch?
If you haven’t seen the price of stock shares, you will notice they are much larger prices than just 10.00, but sometimes we can’t afford those prices. For example the stock price of Amazon right now is,
567.00 Per share!! Many of us cannot afford that much money right away. Plus if you were on a traditional investing website, they would charge you a ton in fees. Even if you did manage to find a stock that was under your 10.00, the fees would make It not worth it to you.
Loyal 3 does what they call, “batch Trading” The batch trading allows us to buy a small piece of the stock, with our 10.00 more. Other people will also invest their 10.00 and eventually all of these 10’s will add up to cover the share of stock, That is one of the bad things about Loyal 3, Because they do the batch trading, Your trades aren’t immediately. You have to wait sometimes a day or two for them to go through. That means the stock price could drop or rise at this time, and you may get more or less ownership of a share than you originally anticipated.

Loyal 3 is great for the “buy and hold” method, and for those of you familiar with Warren Buffet this is the method he uses to minimize his losses in the stock market,
The buy and hold method, means you buy the stock and you hold it, you don’t sell it even as it goes up and down. You keep the ownership of the stock for a long period of time before selling.
This is also a great method, because if you invest in DIVIDEND stocks,
What are dividend stocks?
The company which you own stock for will review their earnings every couple months and issue you a small payment for owning shares of stock. These will be smaller payments, but you can take those payments and reinvest them or send them back to your bank account. If you don’t have a lot of money, and you plan to stick with Loyal 3 for a while, I highly recommend you invest in these companies.
How do I know if the companies I’m about to invest in, are dividend paying stocks?
Just go on Google, Type in the company’s name then “stock” and see what comes up, Here is an example. I typed in “Amazon Stock”

stock3 (2)
Amazon has no percentage or number listed. Therefore, Amazon does not give dividends. If you look up Pepsi (PEP) there is a 2.82% Percent dividend. Meaning every 4 months, you will earn dividends at a 2.82% of each share you own. If you own less than a share, they will give you the portion that you deserve.

Why not just put the money in savings
Stock investing is risky, Even on your funds are not FDIC insured, meaning you could lose your money. But with savings accounts being a lousy 1.0% saving rate, IF THAT! There is no point in just leaving a massive amount of money to rot in your account. Investing some of it can potentially make you much larger returns. You need to do your research and make sure the company you choose to invest in will perform how you want it to. Although, don’t try to find patterns or predict the stock market, you can’t! It’s random. Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose. But your chances are much better for a win, then going to Vegas and gambling your money away. So I highly recommend giving it a go. Because Loyal3 just gives you your basics, you don’t have unlimited choices on the stock to choose from. Loyal3 mostly has bigger well-known companies that you are probably really familiar with. It lowers the chance of you losing your money too because sometimes those start-up businesses can be scary. Loyal3 also offers IPO’s which you can do you research on those, They are much riskier than regular stock because they are new and fresh in the market.
Like any investing strategy DIVERSIFY
Loyal3 gives you very little chances to diversify your money but do what you can do put it on multiple companies.
Moving on to bigger sites
I like Loyal 3 because it gives you a basic experience of stock investment, it can help prepare you for the bigger sites. If you choose to move on, make sure you have a pretty good amount of money to invest. Loyal3 doesn’t charge any fees but other websites do. Take the time to learn the new website before you start investing, that way you won’t make bad decisions.

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