Give away your junk! Get cool stuff! With Listia!



Getting rid of your JUNK, With Listia!

Listia is a lot like eBay,
Instead everything is free. It’s a wonderful site, Where you can trade items you don’t need for items that you actually want. When you sell something, You get credits. Those credits can be applied to another item you want to purchase.
It’s basically a trading website!
They even have a feedback system so you can track your reputation it’s super addicting!
I’ve sold thousands of items on there. And I am very pleased. You can even earn more credits by doing special offers, Including surveys and such. They often have contests and drawings for prizes and credits. There is a raffle you can participate in for free stuff!
You can get home items, Plants, Electronics, toys, office supplies, furniture, Books, Bath and body items, make up. They have everything!
I have even made a profit. If you sell gift cards, you will get a ton of credits that can be applied to any other item on the site. Gift cards are considered more valuable than any other item because they most closely resemble cash. Everything sells better on Listia because people want to get rid of their credits.
Also, because credits have an unknown value, It’s different for everyone. Many items I thought no one in the world would want, Have sold well on Listia.
Like most sites, Listia has its restrictions, But it even allows you to sell your used bras. Many sites don’t allow that. Many bras are expensive, So for all the women out there! You can rehome your Victoria’s Secret bra’s and actually get something out of it.
They even have a rewards store where you can purchase a brand new item!
Yes bidding, Like eBay it’s mostly bidding. Which gives flexibility on how many credits to spend. I love this site Because it helps us be green and reuse items! You can even get electronics like cell phones, Ipods, Videogame systems. I used to sell gift cards and resale the Nintendo DS XL’s I got for profit! I made over 600.00 doing this! I even got myself a free DS.
Overtime Listia has made changes, Their reward store no longer has GIN prices (get It now) It’s all bidding, I’m hoping they’ll change that again in the future, Because I would love to get more video game systems to resell for profit. But for now, It’s still a wonderful site if you are looking for ways to declutter your home, Even for the “lesser” wanted items. They will actually sell well on Listia.
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Listia tips

-Items sell much better with free shipping, By taking on the shipping cost almost all of your items will sell.

-Start the bids low, Check what is on demand on the site, This will help you maximize your credit profits

-Avoid selling anything out of season, It won’t be as wanted as much

-If you purchase something from someone else, DO NOT PAY THE SHIPPING, Avoid listings that make you pay shipping. Unless the seller will accept Paypal, That way you are covered by paypal buyer protection. Listia customer service is great, but they will not reimburse your cash, If the seller decides to not go through with the transaction. They only reimburse credits. If you need a money reimbursement then you will need to go through Paypal.

This is another site that was in my best selling book, “Sell Everything

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