Can Freshly Help You Lose Weight?

I recently tried Freshly, The new food delivery service, And I’m really happy with the results! Lately, I’ve been counting calories to lose weight.

When you want to lose weight, It’s important to incorporate healthy habits that you can stick with, That aren’t too hard to stay with in the long term. If you love pizza, Taking pizza away from yourself forever. Won’t work very well. You may go a couple of weeks without eating any pizza. But in the end, Your desire for pizza will grow so much you won’t be able to deny it.


The Shrimp Risotto

Not going out to eat can be hard for a lot of people. It’s hard for me! We get tired from a long day at work Or just crave the food. We don’t’ have to go through the trouble to make it, We just get delivery or go through the drive through. Having no willpower at the end of the day, You are more likely to give in to your cravings.

The Pecan Chicken Dish YUM!

Freshly has fixed that problem.
I’m hungry and tired, But I need something healthy. I want to LOSE WEIGHT! I want food now! Freshly delivers it straight to your door, You can have it microwaved in 2 minutes. Or heat it up in the oven or on the stovetop!
It’s delicious, Healthy and relatively low calorie. You get your protein and veggies nicely packed into one meal. It doesn’t taste bland and gross like a Tv dinner, Where the Turkey is more like a piece of cardboard, Bland, Hard.
Instead, the meats are soft, juicy and flavorful. You can tell each meal was made to perfection!

Lack Of Cravings
I used to spend all day snacking because it was easy! But with Freshly’s meals I don’t snack anymore. Each serving keeps me nice and full! I have the energy to work out! And I feel productive!

Don’t Worry About Portion Sizes
With Freshly, I don’t have to worry about weighing my food, Or putting them in portion sizes, Because they are already set up for me. Plus there is a sticker on the back Giving me the full nutrition facts, So I can keep track of the types of food I’m eating.
Losing Weight
Overall Freshly is a great weight loss plan for anyone. It’s Gluten free; It’s Healthy, Tasty and heck TONS of variety! You will love it!
If You use my link, you can get 4 Meals free to try the service, Plus if you don’t like it. You can easily cancel online really quickly.


Lemon Chicken Dish

3 Great Ways To Save Money On Gifts This Year!

The Holidays are already here! It happened too fast! I feel like just yesterday I was playing in the ocean and eating dippin dots!
But it’s already time to start buying gifts. The amount of money we can spend is huge. We have so many people we want to recognize and appreciate during the holiday season. We don’t want to forget anyone, but at the same time, we don’t want to carry massive amounts of debt.
Here are five fantastic ways to save money during your holiday shopping, and no this doesn’t require you to get trampled during Black Friday either.

Be sure to set a budget before you go shopping. To ensure you don’t over buy. I have that problem occasionally, I buy, Buy, buy without paying attention to who I am buying for. I then realize I bought a ridiculous amount of things for one person, And other people not so much. You can avoid this by having a number for each person and stopping once you hit it. Plus with these money saving tips, you’ll be able to get more for your dollar!


This is one of my newly found friends.
Wiki by will allow you to install it directly to Chrome or Firefox; it will run while you are online shopping If you find a deal better than the one you are about to purchase, It will stop you and let you know. You can purchase easily through Wikibuy and they give you a 100% guarantee that you will receive your item. Although, if you are an [Amazon]( For some items you may have to get used to waiting a little longer because you aren’t guaranteed the two-day shipping! But you will save a lot of money over time that way. [Wikibuy]( also automatically tries a bunch of promo codes to see if you can save even MORE! I can’t even count how many times I went to buy something, and I forgot to check if there were promo codes, This does it for you automatically.

I bought my boyfriend a new video game earlier today, and I saved 5.00. With Wikibuy.
I saved an additional 0.60 combined with Ebates
Then I will get another 0.60 from my Cashback Credit card for the transaction.
I will then forward the digital receipt to RecieptPal for another few pennies.
So for a brand new ps4 game, I got an additional 6.20 off, When the game was originally 10.00 off anyways, Not a bad deal!

Sure that may sound like a small amount, But across all of the items I end up buying, and it adds up way fast. If you buy 50 items total, And save 5.00 you could end up saving 250.00




I mentioned Ebates above, and it’s one of my favorites! It’s similar to Wikibuy; It’s a plugin. Both plugins are COMPATIBLE! So you can use Ebates and Wikibuy at the SAME TIME! You open your shopping experience with Ebates, and they give you a cashback after your purchase, They will pay you once a month or so by Check, or Paypal. (There might be additional options) So far since I’ve opened my account I’ve gotten 150.00 back, By doing absolutely nothing. Get ebates, and after the holiday season when you are filling down about your empty bank account Ebates will come to the rescue with a check to help you get your money back!
If you sign up now, You can get 10.00 right now, And that will go towards your first check 🙂

This company is trying to compete with… AMAZON! Wow right!?
Well, I gotta say they are doing a great job. Last year I bought my brother a new computer game that normally costs 30-50 for only 10.00. I’m talking about Starcraft! Yes!
They give you options; You can gradually widdle down the price by choosing certain things like…

Like Choosing to opt out of free returns.

Now if it’s a special dress, That you need to try on and may not like, This may not be for you. But if you are buying your favorite laundry detergent you buy often, you may not need to return it. If you select the option, They’ll drop the amount you’ll pay.
Pay with debit card
This may or may not be worth it to you based on the credit card cashback you may have. But they give you the option to save more money this way. Credit cards charge businesses fees for each transaction. And many businesses want to avoid the fees if possible.

Bulk Discount

They also give you a discount for buying more than one. If you can think of specific items that would work for the whole family, Then you can save a lot of money this way.
And best of all, Ebates offers 3% on anything you purchase off of
Yes and 2 day delivery on many items!

Although warning, This website is super addicting. As you add more stuff to your cart your overall price will go down on individual items. It was exciting seeing a 36 pack of soda I wanted to buy go from being around 12.30 to just 11.20 as I was adding stuff to my cart. So my cost per can of soda was going down! If you order off of Jet, I recommend you do it that way.

Christmas and other holidays don’t have to completely clean out your bank account! You can save money on great gifts. Now for the hard part, Figuring out what to get everyone!

Why You Should NEVER Multi-task

Ever wondered why so many people continue to insist on doing several things simultaneously as a goal to increase productivity?
Multitasking leads to
– More stress,
– Less productivity

It will overall have a negative effect on your mood and motivation. Still, believe in the power of multitasking?

The brain hates multitasking!

Many individuals pride themselves on their ability to juggle several tasks at the same time. Your mind cannot focus on more than one thing at a time anyway! Retaining new information is almost impossible for the brain to achieve when it is distracted and focusing on several things simultaneously.

More tasks lead to more mistakes:

Lack of focus when multitasking may result in errors. Your mind is divided between several things when multitasking, and this increases the risk of mistakes occurring. It’s hard to be accurate when you are doing so many things at once If you focus on one thing at a time you are less likely to make as many mistakes!

It impacts short-term memory:

Multi-tasking can start affecting your short term memory almost immediately.
But in the long run, It will prohibit you from being able to continue multitasking. It will get harder and harder for you to learn from what you are doing and harder for you to do things well.

It leads to anxiety:

One of the major downsides of multitasking is that it causes anxiety.
Many studies have been done that proves that many people have a higher heart rate than those who don’t when they focus on one thing at a time!
It’s important to keep your stress down while you work If you start multitasking because you are stressed out, Make a to-do list and take a break, Then come back to your desired task.
When I get stressed working on the computer, I’ll take a break from cleaning, Not only do I get more done in my day but it helps me de-stress for a while.

It inhibits creativity:

It’s hard for you to come up with new and original ideas when you are stressed out, it’s better for you just to focus on one thing a time so you can ensure that you are fully thinking things through and doing things as they need to be done!


Cut back on multitasking already and see the magic that starts to happen. Things will dramatically change in your life without you trying to do twenty things at once; It’s easy to be stressed out all the time. But If you focus on one thing at time you’ll get more done by the end of the day to be proud of.

Promote Your Damn Self

So many people are afraid to tell the world about what they’ve created. Whether it’s a physical product, A blog post, A Kindle book. People are aways hesitant when it gets to that point. With most the gatekeepers gone, and the ball of success in our court. It’s necessary that we are proud of our creations and can tell the world about it.
Someone rejecting your creation can be heartbreaking. I experience it everyday, But it’s something that must be done for me to be successful.


– 33% hate you
– 33% Love you
– 33% Don’t give a shit about you!
I love that quote because it’s true. Sometimes it’s easy to let those haters rip you to shreds, Their jealous. Keep going!

Don’t do it the wrong way!

No one wants to be sold to! Everyone wants to buy on their terms.
If I came up to you and said “buy my coloring book” “BUY IT NOW!” “BUY IT” AND YELLED AND SPIT IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you buy my coloring book!?


If I left my coloring book sitting out at a table at the fair, With a price tag on it. Then I gave you some free coloring pages with no strings attached. I was nice and smiled. But didn’t necessarily TELL YOU to buy my book, Wouldn’t you feel more like buying my book?


Because I did something for you, Now your brain tells you, you need to do something for me in return. Plus I was super nice and genuine. Why wouldn’t you support an artist?

See the difference?
In online terms, this can be more difficult!
Sometimes coming up with a less – sales pitch to tell my Facebook friends about my new book is kinda hard. But I try to emphasize the fact that it’s unique, Hand drawn and that I’m having a sale on it for only 3.59
This seems to do better. I also create a collage of the pages on the inside as the photo, Instead of using the Amazon link photo. That seems to help, Because I’m emphasizing the inside, (The fun pages for the customer) Rather than the Amazon listing.

I went off topic a bit!


No one will do it for you

Occasionally you’ll have someone share your stuff without people knowing about it, But you need to get your stuff into as many hands or eyes as possible first.

No one will see your work!

It’s great the gatekeepers are gone! We can publish our shit. But it’s easy to disappear in the millions of listings on Amazon.

Your time and your Money will be wasted if you don’t

Self-publishing isn’t free; I’m sick of people saying that. I want to slap those people. It’s not free. It takes a ton of time to write a book, Then you need to hire a proofreader, A cover designer, Then you often have to pay for marketing! It’s the furthest thing from free.
But I do agree it can be cheap, When you know what you are doing.


Promote yourself! Don’t be hesitant or full of shame, Be proud of your accomplishments and rock it! You are great! Keep it up.

How To Outline An Idea For A Book

So want to be an author huh? Do you have what it takes? The brutal and grueling moments of spilling out the words on the computer? the long nights and early mornings! The marketing, The formatting, the whole package?

If you already decided you want to take on this task, I will help you! I’ve done it many times. Writing is the funniest part! But it can also be a painful headache if you don’t start with a **outline** Of what you want your book to convey!

Ready to get started!?

Decide on a topic

This is probably one of the hardest parts because you also have to decide if it’s nonfiction or fiction.You probably have that idea in your head already, Now you should look on Amazon and see how well some of the books are doing! Is it a profitable topic?

Make a list

Write a long ass list of what you want to be included in your book, EVERYTHING! Then thing about


Now, Make a Table of Contents for your content, And keep both lists handy for when you write out that first draft.

Organizing is important! It could mean the difference between your reader loving or hating your book!

So make sure your subcategories work well in your main chapters, (if your writing nonfiction.)

The dreadful First draft

Many people are afraid of this part; Their perfectionism takes effect
Type type type writes write
Does it look like shit? NO one cares. Just get the first draft out as quickly as possible. Puke your heart all over the computer, Once you have your first draft, you can go into crazy perfectionism mode and make your book look great.

It’s really easy to make an outline. Just write it out as quickly as possible. You can edit later and make your book great, You have a lot of great ideas in your head, So get them out.

*Thank you Pixabay and AdinaVoicu for the photos!*

Crayola Glitter Markers

Crayola Glitter Markers

The coloring book I showed in the video is….

These cheap but awesome markers are perfect for you coloring book collection!!

There are 6 different colors, and they are priced well.

They sparkle extremely well. And have nice flowing ink (mostly) without too much bleed to your coloring book

Pros: the colors are bright and fun!

They are smooth when they work.

You can press down to make them work better,
They sparkle a lot.


Sometimes the glitter gets stuck and it can be hard to keep using them.

There isn’t a whole lot of ink, You will probably use them quickly, but for the price they are a really good deal!

No orange color L

Be careful, you’ll get glitter on your hands!

They have a fat tip, Which can be good or a bad thing, Not great for areas that are too small, But good for larger area coloring.

See my video to see me color with them



How to Save A Ton Of Money on Adult coloring books and supplies!

If you are on Facebook Adult coloring groups, you may notice other people’s massive piles of coloring supplies. They post pictures of, A massive variety of coloring books, Brand new. Tons of colored pencils, fancy markers, and other supplies. It makes you wonder how they are able to get so many supplies.

If you are on a budget like I am. This budget may not allow us to have much. But I have found incredible ways to get more coloring books and supplies for cheaper. You’ll have a brag-worthy stash of stuff as everyone else! Or if you just need some extra supplies this will be a quick way to make that happen.


  1. Amz Review Trader

This is where I get the bulk of my FREE and super cheap awesome stuff!

All you need is an Amazon account and be wiling to leave reviews! At first, you may not get accepted for everything. But with time and after you build up a reputation with reviews, you’ll get accepted for almost anything. You’ll get tons of coloring books, markers, colored pencils for 50% off or more. Some of the coloring books will be digital versions, but there are tons of paperback versions available too. This is a great way to get all of your household needs on a budget too. They offer household, kitchen, computer stuff, books, everything you can think of is a click away. I’ve pretty much bought a whole new wardrobe this way J

If you don’t have a lot of experience leaving reviews on Amazon, I suggest you get started. For sellers, Reviews can be hard to get, and they also encourage sales. Sellers really want your honest opinion on your product; this is why this website exists. This website is NOT affiliated with Amazon, but they follow all of Amazon’s Terms of Service.


Note: these are also brand new products, Without damage or problems J


  1. Mercari

Use my Referral code for an extra 2.00 in Credits: YJSVYP

iPhone and Android app

This is an app for buying and selling whatever you want; you can always trade in your old stuff to get more coloring book supplies. I really like this app because I have the ability to sell my coloring books to you guys for really cheap!! I see tons of coloring books on here,


Note: Some are more expensive than Amazon, Just be careful and compare your prices. You can also ask sellers for combined discounts for purchasing multiple books! You can’t do that on Amazon!


  1. Ebay

Ebay? Really ? No seriously! If you don’t mind purchasing massive lots of Prismacolor pencils and markers, Used. Then you can get a ton for dirt cheap, Be sure to look for the “used lots” You can find great stuff this way! If used bothers you, Maybe avoid.


  1. Etsy

If you have a printer and are prepared to get digital coloring books, Etsy has a lot of those! They have physical books, But I feel like as far as pricing goes Etsy is best for digital books. You can buy individual coloring pages for 0.99 or spend 2.99-5.99 and get a whole book! You can print the pages you like, ignore the ones you don’t and you won’t have to worry about a bunch of books adding clutter to your home.


  1. Join my “special deals” coloring list

Special Deals here!

I’m in the process of launching a coloring list Because I like to keep an eye out on different pricing as far as colored pencils and coloring books. If you are interested in joining my list, Once I get it going I plan to send a weekly or monthly email on different pricing that I’m finding on Amazon, If I see books that are a really good deal I’ll let you know, So you’ll have the opportunity to snag these books before the prices go up! Usually, if coloring book artists lower their prices, it’s for a limited amount of time and the price will usually go right back up making it hard to get a good deal on it. Same with those colored pencil deals! I will also let you know if I find other services or ways to get the best bang for your buck as far as coloring goes.


There are ways to get your coloring books and pages honestly. Sure you could go to Pinterest and download artwork that may have been stolen. But that hurts artists, And eventually colorists. For those of us on a tight budget, there are many options to get our “fix” for a reasonable price. We too can have a paradise of coloring supplies!! I hope this article helped you get your supplies cheaper if you know any other resources I failed to include, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will write another article with the ideas you have



Check out my new Book on Amazon 🙂

Black Backgrounds Are Hitting The Adult Coloring Book Market

Black backgrounds are taking over!!

Have you ever added a little black to the picture you were coloring, Just to make the picture pop?

Don’t you hate that most coloring books do not have already black backgrounds? So you are forced to use up your favorite colored pencil or marker.


2016_01_30_16_23_55Coloring Book authors are starting to put out a variety of coloring books with black backgrounds! These  allow you to easily make your coloring creations “pop” with color! You can use neon gel pens and bright markers to achieve a pretty glow. This way of coloring is lots of fun and it probably reminds us of our childhood “Velvet” posters we use to color. Like the Lisa Frank posters, Or the pony ones.

There is a massive variety right now, Like flowers, Glowing Mandalas, Houses, Animals and other themes. Some coloring book authors have even taken old best sellers and added a fun black background to them to make coloring more enjoyable!

These pages are also quicker to color because you never have to worry about adding to the background. For those of us short on time this makes it a little less stressful! We can potentially finish an entire coloring page in one sitting instead of dragging it on for days and weeks.

Black backgrounds also make the book appear more kid friendly. If a child wants a step up from the child coloring books these glowing books may be a great alternative depending on what medium you choose, even if they color outside the lines the black background will hide that. It’s a great self esteem booster because they won’t feel bad about the stray lines! Also the pages look much less intimidating! They can be complex but the black background has a way of simplifying the whole page. Which works great for adults who are new to this coloring trend and do not want to color something too complex.

I find the Mandala glowing pages funnest to color! Who colors the back ground of a mandala book anyways? I’ve done that a couple times as a way of adding a bit of extra color, But I find it a bit boring and frustrating trying to color and evdddddden out the shade throughout the background of the Mandala. So I prefer to leave mine boring white at times! Here are some comparisons. jhjkhjkjhjhj

I highly recommend avoid buying DIGITAL coloring books that “glow” unless you have a super amazing printer that uses almost no ink. HAHA, These pages are real greedy on those ink cartridges.


Have you colored any “glowing” pages yet? What has been your favorite so far?




Cuya Story Colored pencils

Bayam 36 Colored pencil pack

I really liked these pencils! There is a large variety. The pencils look cheap and dinky, But are surprisingly good quality. The leads blend smooth easily. In the video I actually discover that these blend smoother than Prismacolors with less effort!
Some people complained there was a smell, But I didn’t smell anything. I like the container the pencils come in, It’s a tough cardboard container. Which can easily be packed in luggage or be thrown into the car without any issues! It’s perfect for traveling. I hate when you spill your pencils everywhere and have to pick them up, So this is a great way to stay organized. The pencils come with darker and lighter shades. Some natural some fake colors. So a great variety to achieve different results with your coloring. I highly recommend these with adult coloring books! They work very nicely. I can’t wait to use these up!

Disclaimer: I received these at a discount for a honest review. This did not impact my review, and as you can see in the video I test the pencils and show you first hand what they are like.25553633774_f9cc7a86ac_o 26092348411_d8ab673a58_o 26158413715_1297da834e_o 26158413725_44bf53a866_o

How the “No contact rule” can help you get your Ex back



Ignore the Guy, Get the guy
by Leslie Braswell
Looking for a good, “No contact” rule Book? Well this is the one, Many women struggle with this, We get dumped like a piece of garbage. And we just want to lash out, First we are angry! Spitting out swears and breaking stuff. Then our anger becomes engulfed in utter sadness. While we are forced to face the reality of the situation. It hurts, It kills us. WHY!? Why!? We need closure! We need it now!!
This book was funny and informative! Here I share some of my favorite parts 🙂
My favorite quote in the whole book:
“Men are like trains, One comes by every five minutes”
haha!! This book really teaches you to respect yourself.
Many men walk and tear apart women until we are nothing left.

This book will…
*  Help you identify what men are worth it, Which ones aren’t
* Help you not go insane while you are doing the no contact method
*  Teach you the tricks you can use to get him to come back for you.
* Give you a nice time frame of when stuff should happen.
Example from the book:
3- Weeks He’s wondering why you aren’t seeking him out.
4- Weeks Wondering what you are doing
5-6 Weeks He should be like a high school girl.
8- Weeks He’s moved on, you should too.

The author also sites relationship tips and quotes from other well known books, Which really adds credibility to this book.
This book is all about keeping your respect, for yourself. and making him respect you!


“If a man truly loves you. You’ll never question where his heart is.”

DON’T FEED THE EGO, Back off let him fall apart.

– Text him a lot
– Accidental text (haha Guilty)
– Call Repeatedly.
– Begging Pleading
– Blocking your number, calling and hanging up.
– Driving by his house
– Sending Emails

Men often fail to realize what they have until it’s gone.

My favorite rule: “for every 3 to 4 attempts he tries to contact you, Only reply to one”
Most books say absolutely not. Which makes it more difficult to do.

TONE: This book is like sitting down with your best friend, She’s upfront and kind, But serious. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LET THIS JERK HURT YOU AGAIN. Attitude!



WARNING: This book does reference “god” a lot. As an atheist It bothered me a little bit, But It still has great information.

For those of you wishing to purchase the book to read the rest,